Updated Powder Requirements Feb 2007

Champeenship of the Hillbilly Nation (CHN)

Competitors can sign up for the main match in FCD, Duelist, Classic, or other as long as they adhere to FCD equipment and guidelines. All pistols are shot in the SASS Duelist category manner. Double duelist is allowed.

Pistols :
250 or heavier gr. boolits and full 45 LC cases of 777 or Real Black (touching the base of the boolit- no cookies, cards, fiber wads, cereal, caulking rod, or any other fillers).

Rifle :
Rifle caliber must be 38 WCF, 44 WCF, 44 Mag or 45 LC and loaded with 777 or real Black to touch the boolit base (180 gr minimum). No loads broken down.

Shotgun :
Double barrel or '87 shotgun firing a 60 grain powder charge and 1 1/8 oz. shot (both minimums). Any type of BP powder or subs for Shotgun.

Sultan of Smoke (SoS)

Shooters from the SASS BP Match definition of the categories of FCD, Frontiersman, Duelist, Sr. Duelist, Classic Cowboy and Others are eligible. ie One Handed only.
All pistols are shot in the SASS Duelist category manner. Double duelist is allowed, see below for gunfighters.

Pistols and Rifle:

40 cal and up - 200 grain and up - 25 grains of powder and up
38-40 - 180 grain - 30 grains of powder and up
Cap and Bal. 44 cal and up - round ball - 30 grains of powder and up

Real Black
APP or Pinnacle and other Black Powder Substitutes ARE allowed

60 grains of any powder (including APP and Pinnacle) 1 1/8 oz shot
same as CHN
Double barrel and 87
97 is not allowed

King of Kaboom (KoK)

Same rules as SoS, however, two handed or gunfighter shooting is allowed.



Duelist can enter KoK if desired