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Shooting in Mckee KY 2024
First Saturday 9:30am
April 6th 2024
While waiting for papers to be figured out and drawn up, the May match for Hooten Old Town Regulators will have a location change.
We will be shooting at our regular 9:30 time slot on at Ponderosa Pines

242 New Truckers Road Manchester, KY 40962
if you have question, please contact Lyin Ike at

Hooten Old Town Regulators
Hooten Holler Roundup
"The Outlaw Josey Wales"
September 6-8, 2024
We here at the Hooten Old Town are excited to present our upcoming Annual Hooten Holler Roundup. We take great pride in putting on a Traditional Cowboy Action Shooting match with something for everyone.

Our match features a mix of the Old and New and offers attractions to please everyone. You can expect to have fun and to enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting at its finest.

On Friday we are offering, a Warm-up match, Speed Events, a Wild Bunch match, and a Long-Range single Shot event.

Hooten Old Town is a SASS Affiliated club and we follow SASS rules.
Hooton Old Town Regulators
299 Hooten Road
Mckee, KY 40447
Match Director - High Cotton #106484